Tuesday, November 16, 2010

If you have a little MOXY, then try this!

Urban Dictionary defines MOXY: n. When someone has guts...they have moxy.
I have a darling and most lovely friend named Lindsay. She has a love and quite a collection of pretty things and is very creative (www.lindsayletters.com). When she, and her now hubby, got engaged, she asked if I would help pull her house together (i.e. decorate). I was a bit thrilled and mostly intimidated, but the finished project is definitely Lindsay and full of moxy.

Here is the kitchen...

Lindsay's hubby found this table (in very sad shape), so we painted it Blackberry, which went beautifully with the wall paint, Frolic.  Moxy needs to be neutralized (i.e. white cabinets in Greek Villa)...to give those darling eyes a rest.

With the accents of ice blue scattered about and red here and there, this kitchen is one of my favorites.
If your still wondering if you have moxy, begin on a smaller scale. Go ahead and paint that chair, bench or desk. It's OK to paint wood...it gives it a new, fresh life (I promise).

Here are some colors with moxy...Direct Green, Briny, Chartreuse, Forsynthia.

I would love to see before and afters!


  1. I love all of the colors and how it's pulled together so well. Lindsay has some great pieces to make you feel "at home".

  2. Of course you are featuring one of my fav places:) I have only little sprinkles of moxy:) myself! Oh Chrissy, I have been staring at some of these wide open spaces over here wondering what to do with them. I may need to have you over to discuss ideas! Do you tire of that?

  3. MOM! I love your blog! you are so amazing! I love Lindsay’s house! It’s amazingly wonderful, and soooo Lindsay!