Thursday, November 4, 2010

I'm blogging!

I love a good deal. I love things that have some know that vibe that says that an item has some craftsmanship...not that look of being mass produced. Lately, I've been combing Craigslist. When I say "combing" what I mean is that I look to it at least 10 times a day. Here are some items I've found that I've incorporated into my living room.
1960's Black Vinyl Chair & Ottoman in excellent condition ($90)
Mid-Century Design - I love love love the swoop arm ($60)
My little conversation area with a white table from Target and decorative storage box from Pier One.
The art is my family along with the kids framed artwork. That's Honest Abe behind the black chair done by my son, Grae (7). The lamp is from TJMaxx. The coral pillow is from Pottery Barn and the bluish graphic pillow is from Marshalls. That small item on the floor...well that is a Tinkertoy. :o)


  1. Love it! My fav I think is the green. And now I know mid-century:) Yeah for you blogging!

  2. Yeah Chrissy you have a blog! I have always loved your style. Now I can check it and be inspired. Ok...I'm still laughing about the tinker toy comment. xo

  3. I love it Chrissy! You have always had a natural talent with decorating. If and when I move into Ryan's, I would love your help!! Love and miss you!

  4. I am so (so!) jealous of your mid-century finds! I love that black vinyl chair and ottoman! Keep up the hunt and keep sharing.