Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Wood grain! (Obsession #1)

Oh, how I love a good wood grain! The tone I like this can't be found in a big box store...it's that mid-century teak stained genius tone. It's such a lovely brown with and orangie undertone {unlike the 80's version}. This undertone says warmth and timelessness!

Here are some of my finds and happy additions to my home...

Darling mirror  {just the right size to hang over a wall plate} - Resale .79 cents

Perfect chair reupholstered in a graphic remnant - Chair $11/Fabric $7yd.

1960's dresser via Craigslist for $5. Refinishing (hence the remaining sawdust) $100

Teak bowl holding my bathroom toiletries - Resale $1.59

Another teak bowl to hold my husband's pocket change - Resale .29 cents   

My dining chair with original vinyl seat - Craigslist 4 for $40  

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

It looked better in my mind!

I like to create. Many times I have an idea and it works...other times (like this example) it did not! I love the ocean and collecting shells, sea glass, and coral. On my recent trip to Puntacana, Dominican Republic, I found lots of coral pieces.

I decided to get crafty and display the coral in an interesting way and at a trip to Homegoods I found a frame like this...

And I arranged the coral like this...

Then I thought to paint an abstract design in the background? And this is what I did...

Then I added the coral...

I stood back to take a look, my first thought was, "This looks like splattered blood and bones!" (YUCK!). I definitely saw this much differently in my mind!

Back to the drawing board. I gathered some leftover burlap and a glue gun and I came up with this...

Much better!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

My husband was RIGHT!

My husband is an idea guy. When we were first married he would toss out ideas A LOT! We were married young (i.e. my brain was still developing) and in a panic-stricken state I wouldn't be the most supportive wife (i.e. I'd shoot them down) because I thought he was planning on following through with every idea (we were P-O-O-R)!

That was 15 years ago and I've grown up and I don't shoot down his ideas anymore (accept when it comes to our home) as I learned that he is just throwing out ideas because he can't help himself. God wired him this way and I like it!

When he decided he wanted to pay to get our fireplace in working order, I was not supportive! I have this spoken rule that since design is my deal, he needs to keep all the matters of the home under my jurisdiction! I have a running To Do list in my mind of home projects I'm looking to accomplish (are you noticing how many times I am using "I"?...not good for a marriage folks)! Usually he is SUPER great about it, but this time he rebelled (haha!). He called Benson Stone and ordered it and told me afterward. I am so glad he did and I've told his several times, "You were RIGHT, Babe!".

Not a great shot of a roaring fireplace, but this is the gist!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Happy with Shabby

I received a text from a friend today asking if I could help pick out a Shabby Chic green for a cabinet. I do a lot of paint selections for friends and clients and I love it! Shabby Chic is not my forte and I had to do some research. Personally, I am drawn to cleaner lines, wood grain, and COLOR. All which are the opposite of Shabby Chic, which consists of painted out distressed furniture, light color tones, flowers, ruffles, and a worn look.

When it comes to my own personal design aesthetic, I like mixing it up! A little bit of everything to keep me interested in my decor. A little modern, a little mid-century, a little antique, and (lo and behold) a little Shabby Chic!

From Eric's Nonnie

Desk chair recovered in Waverly's Chippendale

Daughter's room

My daily reminder! :o)

Painted out antique dresser

Light gray drapes from IKEA
I learned a little bit more about my design style today. As for the green color...I am still stumped. :o)