Tuesday, March 8, 2011

It looked better in my mind!

I like to create. Many times I have an idea and it works...other times (like this example) it did not! I love the ocean and collecting shells, sea glass, and coral. On my recent trip to Puntacana, Dominican Republic, I found lots of coral pieces.

I decided to get crafty and display the coral in an interesting way and at a trip to Homegoods I found a frame like this...

And I arranged the coral like this...

Then I thought to paint an abstract design in the background? And this is what I did...

Then I added the coral...

I stood back to take a look, my first thought was, "This looks like splattered blood and bones!" (YUCK!). I definitely saw this much differently in my mind!

Back to the drawing board. I gathered some leftover burlap and a glue gun and I came up with this...

Much better!


  1. I love the end result!

  2. Love it on burlap Chrissy! It looks amazing! Good idea.

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