Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Happy with Shabby

I received a text from a friend today asking if I could help pick out a Shabby Chic green for a cabinet. I do a lot of paint selections for friends and clients and I love it! Shabby Chic is not my forte and I had to do some research. Personally, I am drawn to cleaner lines, wood grain, and COLOR. All which are the opposite of Shabby Chic, which consists of painted out distressed furniture, light color tones, flowers, ruffles, and a worn look.

When it comes to my own personal design aesthetic, I like mixing it up! A little bit of everything to keep me interested in my decor. A little modern, a little mid-century, a little antique, and (lo and behold) a little Shabby Chic!

From Eric's Nonnie

Desk chair recovered in Waverly's Chippendale

Daughter's room

My daily reminder! :o)

Painted out antique dresser

Light gray drapes from IKEA
I learned a little bit more about my design style today. As for the green color...I am still stumped. :o)