Thursday, November 4, 2010

Take a Risk and Be Pleasantly Surprised!

When I saw the ad for this chair on Craigslist (this will be a common disclaimer) I got all excited on the inside. I know some of you get that feeling, too. You know that feeling that you have to "pop" on something, but may not know why. This happens often. If I ignore it and don't go for it...the result is utter disappointment (e.g. I fret over it and go back to buy it only to find it GONE). I then have to trust that the item in question landed in a loving home.

Anyway, when these pair of chairs were up for sale, I had to jump on it. It was like I couldn't deal if these didn't land in my home immediately. Some people don't get it...they don't understand the wild color. But what can I say, when I placed them as the host chairs to my dining table...well it all just felt right.

Bright orange and a little tattered, but brillant nonetheless - $40 for the pair.


  1. I didn't "pop" on a $100 table & four kitchen chairs about 3 months ago & I am STILL kicking myself!!
    Btw,I love the American Pickers…did you see the episode from the old National Lock building?

  2. This is a lot better way of seeing this chair instead of a wobbly video via Skype! I really like it, the color reminds my of our Chevette! Maybe that's why you like it so much...