Monday, December 27, 2010

Creating a Collage

It didn't take long to gather items for this collage and I loved every minute of it. Some items were gifts from a dear friend while others were found at resale or antique shops in the Rockford area.  I went for all antique and vintage frames since I like to reuse and refurbish. I paid .29 - .99 cents for the frames and I bought the gray and orange mats at Hobby Lobby at 50% off, costing a total of $40.00. I included pictures of the family since they are the loves of my life.

The mirrors ($2.25 for both) were painted out in charcoal gray.

Andy Warhol quote, using my limited graphic design skills.

Chalkboard from Poska in Rockford

"Mother" poem - I dig the colors!!!!

My abstract creation on burlap.

Dali's - The Face of Mae West. Love it!

Grae and Family

Monday, December 6, 2010

Tattered to Treasured!

It was more of the usual (i.e. stalking craigslist). As a scrolled along, I came across an ad for a "Cabinet - $10". The next ad, "9-Drawer Dresser - $10", listed from the same seller. With lightning speed I contact her saying I am interested in both! Her reply? That I can have the the pair for $10. That is right! BOGO! I call my dad and we are off the next morning for Oregon, IL.

Ok...definitely not love at first sight. Actually, I felt a little sick to my stomach, but then I can't buy myself lunch for $10! Therefore, into the Tahoe it goes!

Scratched and dirty, dull and warped, rusted and chipped - $5
Sanded and shiny, mended and useful, clean and stocked - $100
Usually I try to DIY, but this was way beyond my capability. I make a call and within minutes I deliver the pieces to Brian Rawson of Rawson Custom Woodworking here in Rockford, IL. He did an excellent job. So so happy!

For $105, I now have this awesome cabinet that is stocked with my silver-rimmed tumblers, ice bucket and fixings!

I am working on the overall space, so watch for more to come.  Dresser pics coming soon!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Resaling Pays Off!

Hitting resale shops can be one dirty job, but I LOVE IT! I just bring along a package of wet wipes and and open mind, and I have the best time.

Here are a few of my most recent finds...

One hot looking retro serving dish for .29 cents!

I love the burnt orange and the Aztec design detail in this enamel serving tray... .99 cents

I am a little nutty about wood grain these days. I heart this serving bowl! .79 cents

It is now my fruit bowl!