Saturday, February 12, 2011

My husband was RIGHT!

My husband is an idea guy. When we were first married he would toss out ideas A LOT! We were married young (i.e. my brain was still developing) and in a panic-stricken state I wouldn't be the most supportive wife (i.e. I'd shoot them down) because I thought he was planning on following through with every idea (we were P-O-O-R)!

That was 15 years ago and I've grown up and I don't shoot down his ideas anymore (accept when it comes to our home) as I learned that he is just throwing out ideas because he can't help himself. God wired him this way and I like it!

When he decided he wanted to pay to get our fireplace in working order, I was not supportive! I have this spoken rule that since design is my deal, he needs to keep all the matters of the home under my jurisdiction! I have a running To Do list in my mind of home projects I'm looking to accomplish (are you noticing how many times I am using "I"?...not good for a marriage folks)! Usually he is SUPER great about it, but this time he rebelled (haha!). He called Benson Stone and ordered it and told me afterward. I am so glad he did and I've told his several times, "You were RIGHT, Babe!".

Not a great shot of a roaring fireplace, but this is the gist!