Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Wood grain! (Obsession #1)

Oh, how I love a good wood grain! The tone I like this can't be found in a big box store...it's that mid-century teak stained genius tone. It's such a lovely brown with and orangie undertone {unlike the 80's version}. This undertone says warmth and timelessness!

Here are some of my finds and happy additions to my home...

Darling mirror  {just the right size to hang over a wall plate} - Resale .79 cents

Perfect chair reupholstered in a graphic remnant - Chair $11/Fabric $7yd.

1960's dresser via Craigslist for $5. Refinishing (hence the remaining sawdust) $100

Teak bowl holding my bathroom toiletries - Resale $1.59

Another teak bowl to hold my husband's pocket change - Resale .29 cents   

My dining chair with original vinyl seat - Craigslist 4 for $40  

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